Bullying at the #MTLeg

It’s always amazed me as to what we do and don’t allow.

At the Capitol, they won’t allow overt bullying. The rules require that everyone be civil, even when discussing heart-rending, intense, issues. Even when people are lying. The reason you never see someone lose their shit and start yelling at Harris Himes or any of the other loons when they lie while giving testimony is that there is a level of courtesy that is required at the Capitol. That level is rather high, and very few if any of us are willing to break it.

I’m going to have to, as it seems to be the only way to drive this point home for the people elected to represent us. If SB 141 remains a dead bill and can’t be blasted out (which is pretty much the case, although a rules suspension could easily change that) I’m going to have to give some really nasty, awful, terribly abusive and down-right mean testimony.

And why would I have to do this? Because the idiots can’t seem to figure out that it’s not homosexuality that causes bullying, it’s being different. And since none of us are the same, we’re all different, in different ways, so when we attack anyone for their differences, we are attacking all of us.

The Anti-Bullying law needs to pass, not because we need yet another place where government is in our lives, but because we, the people, have realized that bullying has no place in our society. And kids are exposed to emotional and physical violence all the time, which is exactly what bullying is.

At capital high when I attended, I got through most days with only one or two events where I’d be called names, pushed, or otherwise abused.

When I was at Capital high a few weeks ago, I went thru those same halls, twenty years after I graduated, and heard the same words being used against kids. But it’s not just the halls, it’s on twitter, Facebook, blogs, etc.

There’s no excuse for not passing this bill. This bill doesn’t impact anyone’s right to free speech, it in fact, enhances it. Bullying isn’t speech, just as slander and libel aren’t speech.

Bullying is a lie used as a weapon. You see, it doesn’t matter what the lie is, or even if it’s a half-truth. It’s a weapon, one that shouldn’t be left in the hands of kids who don’t understand the power they wield. Bullying is abuse. Bullying is violence. Bullying is killing our kids. And if you don’t pass the Anti-Bullying bill, you’re the blackened, evil heart of this problem.






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  1. Patti Avatar

    Good post, Kev. Remember in November (2012)!

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