Brian Brownshirt Froths at the Mouth

There’s not much new here, and he’s simply spouting the hate for which he’s been known over his entire rise into the public life. Brian is such a bigot he can’t make it through a debate without foaming at the mouth, and it’s not terribly convincing. After watching this, tho, what I’m astounded by is Dan’s ability to sit there and let this douchebag spout such a pile of bullshit and not just stand up and leave. Dan is calm, clear, and reasoned, and it’s amazing that he’s the best of the opposition.

After watching this, if you still think that there is any real ‘reason’ to these bigots, there is something terribly wrong with you. Brian is a bigot. He’s couching his hate in religion. He’s using a holy book to damage a group of people. His inability to actually understand actual logic is as big an indictment of the American education system as anything you’ve ever seen before.

If you’re on his side, guess what you are. Just guess.






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