Bought and Sold

Since the early 1900s Montanans have had an aversion to being bought and sold. We are the frontier, one of the last remaining the country, and we still see ourselves as pioneers and leaders who go out and do what is necessary to get things done and improve our lives. We don’t take kindly to outsiders messing things up for us, or telling us how to live or what to think, and we abhor the notion that our loyalties and friendships can be bought and sold on the open market.

In Montana, you earn our respect. You want to lead us, you show us you can and consistently prove that you’re better than others and yes, we’ll follow you. You want to teach us, then show us that you know better and can teach us. We are stubborn, we are prickly and we are not always the easiest to get along with.

We CANNOT be bought or sold.

The Republican party has somehow managed to forget this truth, even tho it originated as much with them as with anyone. With Tim Fox hiding behind the money from big tobacco and other corporations that have been found guilty of harming Montanans along with him accepting a rather substantial illegal donation from the GOP, with Rick Hill accepting a massive $500,000 illegal donation from the GOP, and apparently already spending it, it’s perfectly clear that the leadership in the Republican Party thinks they can buy and sell us.

The worst of the lot, tho, is Rehberg, who has spent over a decade in office and, other than voting to give himself a raise five times,  accomplished nothing except costing the state money, support, and growth. Who knows or cares who bought and paid for Rehberg? I don’t anymore, because it’s past time for him to be done and gone from office.

There’s a lot of bull flying about, saying who is and who is not a “real Montanan” and it’s usually about who was born here, or moved here first or some other twaddle that doesn’t say anything about the person. And it’s wrong.

Real Montanans aren’t bought or sold. I’m not for sale. I’m voting for people who know I’m not for sale.






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