Back in the West, New in Texas, Yet it’s the Same Ol’ Tune…

I have some wonderful things to say about Texas in general and Houston in particular. I will start out by mentioning that my cousin, Erin-the-Dangerous, who lives in Dallas, informed me via email that I was moving to “the armpit of Texas” and that I would probably hate it, get some random disease or perhaps die by armadillo poisoning. I had to inform here that I was moving from Caribou Maine, which, as any gay man who has lived there can attest, is the Asshole of the Universe. And while I’m neither a big pits or asshole man, I figured I’m moving up regardless.

Now that I’m here, however, I know that she lives in Dallas and is merely jealous of the fact that, well, she’s stuck living in a town where the NFL team are loving referred to as “The Girls.” How could she not be jealous of me?

I’ve met some wonderful people in Houston, and things are slowly getting going for my work, which I won’t discuss here as I’d like to keep any clients that I might actually land. But it’s warm, sunny for the most part, and I’m liking it here. I have a community that has welcomed me with open arms, and there is nothing nicer in the world. Not a thing.






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