The Aviator

It’s late as most people reckon things, but I have to post this. I just saw The Aviator. Amazing. Absolutely amazing. I’m a pretty big fan of aviation anyway, and I know a lot of it’s history, but Howard Hughes was so critical to how we see aviation today, it cannot be overstated. Yes, the airlines have problems. Hell, the two airlines that started it all, Pan Am and TWA are both history. TWA was Hughes’ airline, and frankly, he probably revolved in his grave when it died. If you want to know more about the history of aviation, it, like all things good, can be found online. Full disclosure: My father is a pilot, as is my grandfather and my grandmother, and if I’m not mistaken, a few cousins are as well. I am not, as I prefer to be served free booze from micro-bottles while relaxing in the air. I did, however, work at Garrett Aviation for about two years, which was interesting, as it spanned the events of September 11, 2001.

But I digress. History is one thing, the movie is another – usually. I know that there are parts that are made up or insinuated from half- or less-than-half-known facts. Regardless, this movie was fantastic. Amazing set work, visual design, everything, gave us, the audience, a chance to be there. It was amazing!

Alan Alda was breath-taking as the senator from Maine that was owned by Pan Am. His role should earn him many awards, the highest, of course, being right of first refusal of every male character aged 50 and over.

Leonardo DiCaprio was stunning in his portrayal of Hughes. We all know from our history that Hughes was eccentric, and if you’ve done any study of him, you’ve heard about OCD and some others. I would guess, purely non-clinical of course, that it was a combination of OCD and Aspergere’s Syndrome that afflicted Hughes. Again, regardless of what exactly it was, Leo was phenomenal. He deserves many more roles, and I’m not a huge fan of his. At least, I wasn’t. Although, thinking on it, I did enjoy The Basketball Diaries, but I’m almost positive that was because of the masturbation-on-the-roof-with-the-New York-skyline scene.

Cate Blanchette. There is only one word: BrilliantFantasticAmazingStunningWOW. Trust me, it’s a word. It’s the only one you can use to describe her as Kathryn Hepburn. Cate as Kate was brilliant casting, and Cate captured the stiff-spined and unflinching spirit of Kate and brought her full bloom to the screen. Every moment Cate was there, Kate was there, and we were taken back to the Hollywood she so loved and loathed. If ever a biopic of Kate is made and Cate isn’t cast in the role, I will personally stage a boycott. There is no way to describe this in words, you must see it. I thought Elizabeth was the role of her career, even though Cate has done some great work since. I now know that I was mistaken, and she’s just getting started.

There were a myriad of other fine actors and actresses in this movie. I will be buying this on DVD, but I suggest you don’t wait till then to see it. I’ve heard the movie dismissed by someone saying “I don’t care to see a movie about how a rich man learned to fly” and frankly, if you feel that way, you’re wrong. You can’t judge a book by it’s cover, nor a movie by it’s subject.

Which is why I’m going to go see Hotel Rwanda as soon as it shows up here.

Fear and Loathing in the Air Force

Now let’s be quite clear on why I’m upset about this concept. Actually, there are many reasons to be upset, not the least of which is that this ludicrous idea cost lots of taxpayers money in time and paper and ink and other stuff for it – and it’s part of the reason the military is so dysfunctional as to be laughable. If the Department of Homeland Security is only half as bad as the military, we’re still royally screwed.

But I digress. Towards the end of the article, there is this:

Steve Ralls, a spokesman for the Washington, D.C.-based Servicemembers Legal Defense Network (SLDN), said, “It is a homophobic and delusional proposition for the Pentagon to assume a gay opponent is any less formidable than a straight one.”

Ralls also said that the SLDN, which is fighting the U.S. military’s ban on openly gay military personnel, would look into the matter and would consider asking Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld to repudiate the proposal

I don’t know Steve Ralls, but his comments are part of the problem, not part of a solution. If you look, Edward Hammond of the Sunshine Project pointed out the real problem merely one paragraph earlier.

“Humiliating your enemy with gay sex sounds a lot like what happened at Abu Ghraib,” Hammond said, referring to the prisoner abuse scandal that was uncovered last year in Iraq.

You see, the military doesn’t like gays. They think gays are the reason that military discipline fails. Even worse, they are so afraid of gays the military honestly thinks that everyone else shares their fear. And we wonder why hate crimes happen?

Now, honestly, I’ll be the first to tell you that even tho I aced the ASVAB exam, I’m sure as hell not interested in being in the military. Not for the reasons you might assume, but because I don’t respond well to authority. Actually, authority and I are old enemies, and while I have a healthy respect for it, I tend to go my own way. In fact, I’m most likely to do something that authority not only doesn’t want, but doesn’t expect either. But that’s just me. I would also have made a kick-ass spy, but I’ll write more on that later, like when I decide to be a part of the CIA. Yeah.

So, this proposal shows off a weakness of our military, and in fact, if the ‘weapon’ could be developed, our military would be wiped out immediately as a bunch of newly minted homos went down on each other. And while some military men are hot, the idea of Rumsfeld going down on anyone makes. me. hurl!

But it is interesting that a fear of our military would be broadcasted so strongly. There is nothing out there that makes a human being do moronic things worse than fear. Fear is what kept Saddam in power for so long, so we know that if it can keep millions of people quiet and subjugated, I’m sure that we can all agree that fear is a powerful weapon.

The only piece that is missing is the “what are they fear?” part, and let’s be quite clear, by writing down this dreck the Mighty Military Forces of the United States have, amazingly, answered that question for the terrorists of the world.

Now all we can do is let gays in the military, it’s the only way to eliminate this fear – educate the men and women of the military to not mind if someone is a homo. In fact, we need full battalions of dykes and fags. The dyke battalion would be amazingly powerful, and the fag brigade would be colorful even in the usual BDU’s, and there is no reason to think that gays in the military would change things in the least harmful way. Just ask the Navy.

But we don’t ask, don’t tell. Don’t you feel safer that way?

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End of the Year Post

I don’t do resolutions, that’s not my gig. And while I intended to get this blog up and running and out there in the blogosphere, I haven’t had much chance to read, and I’ve been busy and work, and whine whine whine. Ugh, I sound like I’m about to tell you my dog ate my homework.

And I’m a cat person, so that would so not work.

Anyway, the deal is up, the only resolution that I have this year is to write in the blog. I will be helping a friend start up his site as well, even though I don’t agree with him politically. Other than that, may your worst day of the future be no worse than your best day in the past. Cheers!

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Presidential Intention

Now that President Bush has gained public acceptance at a level that he didn’t have before, we are faced with four more years of his, ahem, leadership. I can’t pretend to like or respect the man, and frankly, I find his inability to prove his thinking to be unnerving. I can honestly say I’m only slightly more angry than Dunstan but apparently not by much.

Bush does, however, have some pretty amazing opportunities to change the U.S. and the Supreme Court is where everyone is focused, as you can tell by the articles that have been springing forth. If you are going to read about the Supreme Court, read Dahlia Lithwick’s columns on Slate – read all of them. Her insight and skill are key to understanding both the strength and power on the bench, as well as the foolishness and stupidity.

There is a point, and while I’m not able to find it in Dahlia’s writing, I’m positive that it was her point, so I’m going to credit her now, and remember to take better notes in the future. The point is Bush doesn’t really have any idea that he’ll be able to remake the court. And thankfully, from what I’ve seen of all the justices on, there is only one constant amongst them – they are strong-willed and unlikely to give up power. In many ways, they are more extreme than Bush in their personal self-righteousness. So it’s very unlikely that those justices that are politically opposed to Bush – and these would be the four who voted, quite publicly, for Gore in the 2000 election/debacle – are going to willingly step down and let a man they don’t like pick their replacement. So those four seats are pretty safe, barring the random unforeseen issues of life.

Stop! In the name of the Bush!

Sing it with me! Actually, don’t. Given that Bush wants to take us back to the legal landscape of 1956, the songs of the 60’s aren’t really appropriate. Besides, the Supreme’s (also Lithwickism, in case you wondered) tend to sing off-key.

Do we have to worry about the justices aging? Not really. Yes, they are all older, but they aren’t centenaries yet, and frankly, from the way they dispatch piles of verbiage as they review cases, it’s unlikely that they are going to slow down, let alone stop. In fact, given the recent health issues that Chief Justice Rehnquist is facing and fighting, without stopping or halting the court calendar, it’s quite clear that this group, which has been together for a decade, is not likely to break up willingly. After all, having a comfortable work environment is something we all want, and you don’t have to like people to be able to work with them, perhaps most especially in law.

As for the other five, well, Bush can replace them all he wants, because they already agree with him. Again, this is a generalization, but given that the Democrats have no issue with making it amazingly painful for the appointment of people they don’t approve, the Supreme Court is most likely stable in it’s view, if not in it’s complement.

Regardless of Bush, the current justices will continue to review cases and rule based on their interpretation of the constitution.

Of course, Bush seems to realize that he can’t be guaranteed a chance to change the court, so he’s going after the constitution.

And that’s a fight I’ll fight.

On a personal note, I’d like to wish my father a happy birthday, although I’m almost positive that this article will cause him to have a conniption fit. Ah well, I love him anyway!

–KevinMichael Hamm

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Finally that crap is over!

Kerry lost, which sucks. B.S. won, so Montana lost as well. Again, suckage.

Now, there are many things that can go wrong when you run for election, but the biggest thing that can go wrong is underestimating the anger of the electorate. In otherwords, if someone from your party pisses off the voters, you have to fix it first. No ifs, ands or buts.

What sucks most about this is that good people lose to idiots. Montana is now poised to do some really amazingly bad things in the next few years. Will the state survive? Yes. Will everyone be happy? Um, no. In fact, life will be really sucky until the next governor is elected.

Postmortem and ideas.

Oh, there are many things to fix, but let’s hit the big three first.

  • No matter what, make sure your party is loved. If this means that you have to distance yourself from someone, even to the point of submarining them, do it. You aren’t in this to make friends with politicians, especially those that are leaving office and aren’t well liked.
  • For the sake of everyone, don’t back down and absolutely don’t apologize for having an opinion. Regardless of what you see in the press, we are electing you to represent us, if we don’t know what you stand for, we don’t vote for you.
  • Don’t believe the polls. Let me repeat that: DON’T BELIEVE THE POLLS. They do you no good and, in fact, can kill you either way. If a poll says you’re down, use it to energize your base to expand itself. This means you acknowledge the poll, point out it’s flaws, stress that anytime the press publishes poll numbers they are attempting to influence the vote, and then give a speech and nail home another point of strength for yourself. In fact, use the poll to tell you where to attack next.

There are so many things that go wrong when you’re running a campaign. That said, take heart. It’s not your fault that you lost, it’s that the electorate listened to another person’s message. Thankfully, it’s actually easy to make them listen to you.

This blog is just starting, but if you want to contact me via

by all means, do. I’m excited about where we are going next because I don’t agree with the majority of the U.S. electorate. In fact, I’m not impressed at all. In fact, this election just goes to prove that sometimes being in the majority means you’re with all the idiots.

– KevinMichael Hamm

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Choices and Statistics

Of course, you certainly have the option to tell me that I’m losing my mind, but frankly, that’s not the point. I feel that Bob Brown should be governor of Montana, not because I’m having some sort of “return to my youth” mental lapse making me into the Repblican my mother always wanted, but instead, it’s because Bob is actually a Republican I can stand. B.S. is a Democrat I cannot stand. This all boils down to the differences in the Republican party, where you have Conservatives and their wacko cousins, the Fundamentalists. Bush is a Fundamentalist. Bob is a Conservative. I know, they are hard to distinguish, so I’m going to have to write about that very fine line later.

This, however, is more about me making an ad. The maternal unit gave me some interesting documentation that was from one of the Universities in Montana. It showed that growth in Montana has fallen when the Democrats were in charge. Why? Because the Dems made bad decisions. I don’t think they are bad people, but I also don’t think they can run a business, and folks, get it through your heads, government is business.

*The videos that were here are gone. I will repost them at a later date*

I’ve got some thoughts on the whole political campaign mentality as well, but start here and if you want to know the whys and wherefores of these ads, you can find out more by going here first and then going here.

And, same as before, if you have ideas for new ads, you can send them to me via email , and I will certainly credit you in the video, if it gets made. Less than a week, after all.

–KevinMichael Hamm

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