Apple’s Most Microsoft Moment

Look, design is making function beautiful, and making beauty functional. Consistently Apple is a leader in design for software and hardware. And Microsoft is an also-ran, albeit a well-funded one. And then there is OS X’s Finder, and the inability to just do what is reasonable.

However this weeks “Tip of the Week” is really a “Steaming Bowl of Shit” that no one should be subject to when trying to burn multiple sessions to a CD. It’s mind-boggling insanity to burn files to a disc, with the rather odd assumption that dragging a file to a CD means that the user would want to burn a fucking alias and not the actual file. Who in hell came up with that user-interaction? How the hell is that ‘mac-like’ at all? And you know what, it didn’t always work this way, I’m almost positive that in 10.2 you just drag-n-drop your files on a mounted CD and burn and voila you’ve got a disc of useful files. Now you have to drag and hold down the option key to get real files onto the disc. WHY?

It’s just one part of the Finder that’s fucked, and I sincerely hope the whole thing gets fixed. And if you’re wondering why this post is full of expletives, well, it’s because I expect better things of a company like Apple. Just like my customers expect better things of me.






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