Another week, another flight of fancy pants

I think actually that’s the entire blog – Flights of Fancy Pants. I think I will title my book that, although I will need a pair of fancy pants.

Well, another week I went on stage without figuring out anything before, and things were good. It was a new thing, tho, because I just told a story of how I got my tire punctured and then repaired, which took 19 hours and was more drama than any Complete Works of Shakespeare covered in leather. It was a crazy night, and frankly, I just think it’s great that I can stand on stage and tell a story and be funny and not have to tell jokes, just comment on my life and get people to laugh. I like that.

But I lack the fancy pants to get a television show this week. Do you hear me NBC? ABC? CBS? Get it together, I’m that funny. I promise.






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