Angered Engineering

I’m not a political scientist, I’m much more of a political realist and while I have my issues with some people, I know my voice. I know what I’m saying, and I know exactly how pissy, bitchy, moany, whiny or even, sometimes, yes, it does happen, happy, kind and loving I’m being when I open my mouth or start to type.

And if I were going to enter a race, being relatively unknown, I wouldn’t want to adopt the tone and testiness of the past legislature. Especially as that tone has continued on, making more mockeries, specifically at the PSC. The level of douchebaggery that’s thriving in this state is astounding, and what every voter wants is another round of insulting, childish, peevish little twits to ruin our fair state.

So yes, Political Parties of Montana, find more ignorant assholes, that’s exactly what we need.

And the Republican Party heard this, and lo, an ignorant asshole appeared.

Is anyone shocked? No. Right out the gate, he’s wrong and insulting to people who are doing good work, and that makes him seem about as stable as a bullet in a furnace, so why elect him to SOS? Oh, that’s right, because the people we’ve had doing the job are bad, because they’ve made irresponsible choices.

Until we elected people who are adults, helped fix the offices they hold, and frankly, have done wonders for the state. Linda should run for re-election, and frankly, the way she’s held her office is a good argument for revisiting term-limits and what they’ve done to our state. (Good intentions, etc., etc.)

Including expanding the voter rolls to all citizens, fighting to keep our identities and legal system safe from forgery and malfeasance, and reducing the debt in the Secretary of State’s office from staggering to, actually, in the black and doing good.

Scott, you need to sit your ass down and shut up. You don’t know what you’re talking about, and we, the people of Montana, are tired of the stupidity in our politicians. You’re part of the problem, not the solution.






2 responses to “Angered Engineering”

  1. Cora Avatar

    If he comes out of the box insulting teachers, he won’t get majority support. To many, teachers and state employees are synonymous, and that makes for a very large voting block. He also doesn’t seem to understand much about the office he seeks.

  2. Kevin Hamm Avatar

    Yep, he’s already got all the markings of a Sheen-like “winner”.

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