And I thought I sucked at math

Ok, so there’s this story about natural gas. It’s pretty interesting, but their math sucks. They say the following:

When the facility is fully operational, it will be capable of producing 650,000 million cubic feet of gas, or BTUs of heat, a year. That’s the equivalent of 4.6 million gallons of heating oil.

Followed by this:

It’s a small amount compared with the overall consumption of natural gas. In 2003, the world used 95 trillion cubic feet of natural gas.

Um, look, my math is bad, but 650,000 million, is, aside from poor writing, akin to 650,000,000,000, or 650 Trillion. And, pardon my shopping genes, but isn’t 650 more than 95? Am I right? Or do I need to go back to school? And just in case they edit it, here’s the pdf of the page.






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