An Amendment

Should a Governor, elected member of the Montana House of Representatives or Montana Senate have voted for, in the legislature, and signed, in the executive, a bill that becomes law that is found to be unconstitutional by the Montana State Supreme Court, their term in office expires at Noon the next day, and their seat will be filled by a special election that takes place in no less than 45 and no more than 55 days from the termination of their service in office, and they shall not be allowed to hold any elected office for four years. Should the law arise from an override of a veto by the legislature, the legislators that voted for the override shall also be barred for eight years from holding any elected office, while the governor is not affected by this amendment.

If, after the proscribed period has passed, a person is once again elected and then found to have supported unconstitutional bills becoming laws a second time, the person forfeits their right to hold elected office in the state of Montana.

Should the elected officials who voted for and signed laws found unconstitutional already be out of office, no new election is needed, but the termination of service for any other elected office they hold still occurs, as well as the restriction on holding elected office as described above. This includes as representatives to any elected federal office representing any part or the whole of Montana.

This feels right to me. I’m so tired of people who think they can change everything by being evil can get away with it because we have no punishment that really stops them. This would be one. Of course, I can see a bazillion ways this could backfire, but for Montana, it would be awesome.