All Night Long

Well, it wasn’t all night, but it was a damn sight longer than anyone expected of this legislature. Last night the Montana Senate circled like wolves and eventually stabbed Caesar do death in one of the most intense scenes in all of dramatic history.

No, wait, that’s not right. Last night the Montana Senate circled the drain like a floating bit of poop that refuses to be flushed down to the bowels of the city where it belongs. There’s not much to say, but let me recap the day and night for you:

  • Let’s discuss the next amendment brought by a Democrat
  • Discussion is quick and pointless, although heart-rending and heated in some cases.
  • Ok, now that the Coriolis Effect is active, let’s vote. Remember, a Dem proposed this.
  • Motion fails. Voting on Party Lines. Wait, one R voted for it. Really? Huh.

That’s about it. We voted in for people to govern, and instead we got squabbling babies incapable of finding their own asses with both hands in a well lit room, let alone thinking, debating and actually leading. The entire body should be ashamed, but the only people who have any are the ones who should be re-elected. They mostly happen to have “(D)” by their names when on the news.






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