About time, but why Jet Blue?

Look, the current state of air travel in the U.S. is, well, “Abysmal, bordering on Psychotic” most days. Some days it’s worse, tho, and on those days, on those planes, at those airports, shit just goes wrong. Like, terribly, terribly wrong. And then you end up in a situation where you’re on a plane, but stuck for three hours in your seat, as you wait for something to change. That change is that you either get to actually leave the gate and fly away, which would be ideal, or you can at least leave the plane to pee, right?


In fact, that is a right. And Jet Blue found out that infringing those rights can cost you about $90,000. YAHOO!

Well, hold up there, punkin. Yes, it is great that the airlines are getting smacked around for being idiots, I do agree with that. But why hit JetBlue, which, while I’ve not flown them, have been in the press mostly for their awesome service, great on-timeliness, and generally for being an example of how the airline industry isn’t horrible. Why them?

I’ve been on American Airlines, Delta and USAir, stuck on the tarmac either at a gate or waiting for a gate to open, many times. I know I’ve crossed the 3 hour mark at least twice, and I know those records exist with the FAA, so why haven’t those three been smacked around? That’s the question I want answered.






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