A shot in the foot

Bitching about Prop8 is one of the Things I Doâ„¢ and it’s been a fun few years. I was, after all, living in California when Prop8 passed, and saw first-hand how that bigotry was being pushed by a bunch of religious nutsacks intent on ruining our country.

But then there was the Big Federal Trial, and the moment when, after the bigots couldn’t find any bigots willing to be bigots on the witness stand, other than the two crazy bigots they couldn’t get rid of, nor could they find expert witnesses that couldn’t be shredded by my little nephew on cross examination. I would point out, my nephew is two, but he’s a bright kid. He’d have had those morons for lunch.

And then Judge Walker gave his judgement, which is why we call them judges, in case you were wondering. And he found for the plaintiffs and ruled that Prop8 is unconstitutional.

Now we have the WAAAAAAmbulance being ridden by the religious nutsacks. They really don’t like the ruling, and they think that because it was a gay man who happened to be the judge that the ruling should be vacated. See this and this.

When they had the chance to present evidence, they were unable to do so. When they had the chance to present witnesses and experts, they were unable to do so. Now they have one last stick to try, and that’s to say “See?!? The gays, are everywhere and if we don’t stop them, they’ll want to be treated like people, too!” And that’s exactly what they are doing here.

Judge Walker did exactly what any and every judge should do – reviewed the evidence and ruled as the law requires based on that evidence. His sexuality didn’t come into it, regardless of what the other side might think. So why even make this claim? The ruling is going to the 9th Circuit and will be reviewed soon, and a stay is in place that stops any more gays from getting married in California. It was a classic dumb move.

But it gets better. How many of the judges of the 9th Circuit are atheists? Do you know? I don’t. Prop8 supporters have made this issue about religious beliefs more than anything, and the proof is in their “evidence”, “experts” and this current appeal.

But because they have said that anyone with a vested interest in the subject of the trial can’t make an honest judgement of the trial, they need to find a bench of asexual, single, atheists. And I can guarantee they won’t like the outcome any better.

Nice shooting, Tex. Nice indeed.






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  1. Barking Skwerl Avatar
    Barking Skwerl

    These asshats invent new ways to make people second class or worse. My good Lord, they must be so unhappy in their own lives they feel the need to drag us all down with them. Go away already you haters!

  2. Ilikewoods Avatar

    Listen I worked for Attorney Elaine Wallace of Oakland, and I have meet this Judge Walker and heard him in court on numerous occasions… because the attorney I worked for was before him a lot! The guy is tough and fair regarding civil rights! The Mormon’s who’s Castle overlooks the fair city of Oakland and Berkley… cant stand all the freedom that goes on between those two towns, and never will. Out of all the diversity those coastal towns own, if they could just get rid of the damn Mormon’s I think that part of the world would be a better place. I have always considered that castle to be a sanctuary for religious nutjobs. I think both cities would do well to eminent domain them out of business.

  3. John McLellan Avatar

    Don’t forget that Jesus died only for property owning, straight white men. If you can keep that in mind, you’ll be better off dealing with non-Jesus following Christians.

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