A fulcrum with a bit of


Ok, so the show is starring Timothy Hutton, who has never really been one of my favorite actors, but he’s also never been one to piss me off so bad I have to avoid his shows or my couch is shredded in my anger at foolishly thinking he could act, again Will Farrell.

The rest of the cast is relatively unknown to me, but that works in their favor. Especially because the characters are so brilliantly done. I love the stunted actress, who when on-stage is a ham, but when on-pointe for the crime is pitch-perfect, to the other girl who wants cash, just cash, nothing but the cash, so help her cash. The hottie hick take-’em-out artist who shows off his guns, but never uses pistols (I’ll explain that later, mom), and the tall, very dark and supremely geeky hottie round out the ensemble, and believe me, it’s a great thing.

What makes this show great is, well, everything.

If Alias and Ocean’s 11 had a love-child, it’d be Leverage. It just doesn’t get better than blindingly cool!






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