47 Bigots

I can’t believe I have to write this article, but as it was rattling around in my cranium today giving me no end of grief, I realized that yes, I must, and so here it is.

When you are against someone because of something about them that cannot be changed, like the color of their skin, their eyes, their sexual orientation or their stutter or anything like that, you are a bigot. Let me formally define that:

Bigot – (noun) – a person who is intolerant of the immutable facts of another.

On Monday Representative Sands attempted to blast SB 276 out of committee, where it had been tabled. SB 276 removes from the Montana Criminal Code the sections where it says it’s illegal to have gay sex.

Let’s be clear, while the law is still on the books, the following two facts are in play as well:

  1. In 1997, the Montana Supreme Court ruled these laws unconstitutional under Montana’s Constitution in Grcyzan v. State
  2. In 2007, the Supreme Court of the United States ruled that these laws, and laws like them in other states, were unconstitutional in Lawrence. v. Texas.

So there was nothing really to this bill other than bringing the code into line with the law of the land. They can’t prosecute under this law, and if they did, well, it’d be a windfall day for whomever they persecuted with this law. Because of the unconstitutionality of the law, this vote was test to see who is an intolerant bigot, and who isn’t. That’s it. So we now know, and here are your answers:

Elsie Arntzen is a bigot.
Liz Bangerter is a bigot.
Bill Beck is a bigot.
Gerald Bennett is a bigot.
Tom Berry is a bigot.
Mark Blasdel is a bigot.
Joanne Blyton is a bigot.
Randy Brodehl is a bigot.
Tom Burnett is a bigot.
Champ Edmunds is a bigot.
Ron Ehli is a bigot.
Kelly Flynn is a bigot.
Alan Hale is a bigot.
Kris Hansen is a bigot.
Bill Harris is a bigot.
Gordon Hendrick is a bigot.
Roy Hollandsworth is a bigot.
David Howard is a bigot.
Pat Ingraham is a bigot.
Douglas Kary is a bigot.
Dan Kennedy is a bigot.
Krayton Kerns is a bigot.
Harry Klock is a bigot.
James Knox is a bigot.
Cleve Loney is a bigot.
Tom McGillvray is a bigot.
Jonathan McNiven is a bigot.
Michael More is a bigot.
Jesse O’Hara is a bigot.
Jerry O’Neil is a bigot.
Ryan Osmundson is a bigot.
Ken Peterson is a bigot.
Lee Randall is a bigot.
Joe Read is a bigot.
Keith Regier is a bigot.
Scott Reichner is a bigot.
Matthew Rosendale is a bigot.
Dan Skattum is a bigot.
Derek Skees is a bigot.
Sterling Small is a bigot.
Cary Smith is a bigot.
Wayne Stahl is a bigot.
Janna Taylor is a bigot.
Gordon Vance is a bigot.
Bob Wagner is a bigot.
Wendy Warburton is a bigot.
Ted Washburn is a bigot.

While most people won’t call someone out for being what they are, I feel the need to do so. I don’t intend to make many friends with this, but that’s ok. Someone has to speak the truth, as it’s the only thing that will set us free. These people are bigots. Some are also idiots *cough* *Peterson* *Hansen* *cough* but most are just bigots.

Can they be redeemed? Don’t know. I suspect if they met some of the wonderful, amazing people who just happen to be gay, some of them could. But then I remember they’ve met some of those people, who have given testimony at the capitol and have stood up against abuse, slander and lies from other bigots, and these people haven’t changed their minds. So I don’t hope, but hell, anything is possible.

But if I hear any of them bitch or whine about being called a bigot, I’ve got one last thing to say about it:

If you don’t want to be called a bigot, don’t BE a bigot!






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