I’m not letting it go.

Our government is by us, for us, and we willingly pass it off as ‘just another annoyance’. To be forgotten. To just fucking let it go.

Well, I’m not letting it go. I’m not letting the naysayers and evildoers of the world continue to abuse and destroy our country. I’m not going to let the rich own the world and let nothing be left for the rest of us. I’m not going to let the hawks cry for war, sending the sons and daughters of the people to fight for their oil and money, and then bring those sons and daughters back, in body bags, in ruins, in tattered minds and shattered souls, to be tossed on the streets and forgotten. I’m not letting it go.

votenoI’m not letting the owners of companies continue to act like it’s ok that they make millions while the people doing the actual work of their business get paid less than is necessary to live. The front line workers should be thriving, because they are most important parts of your business, not some throw-away cog in a machine that you don’t even understand, and I’m not letting it go.

I’m not letting the crooks off because they are too big to fail. They’ve bought and paid for the representation that they currently enjoy, but they need to hire lawyers and a defense team and stand in a court of law and pay for the misdeeds they committed, and be held accountable for the damage they inflicted on the world’s economy. I’m not letting it go.

I’m not letting our science and math skills fail because we put pressure on teachers to produce a product instead of teaching a person. We’ve forgotten that everyone learns slightly differently and we’ve decided that we’re too damn busy to figure out a real way to test if a child is learning and teacher is teaching, and instead insist on giving crap tests with number 2 pencils that a computer can read but that no one can understand. I’m not letting it go.

I’m not letting our manufacturing prowess continue to rot in the cities abandoned by companies that strived to make things cheaper on the backs of the workers instead of investing in new technologies and keeping C-level paychecks in line with the realities of the world. It’s not acceptable to move the manufacturing to reduce the labor costs when the end product doesn’t cost less, you’re just padding the paychecks of the executives. I’m not letting it go.

I’m not letting our space program die on the vine. When I was a kid we talked about terraforming Mars and faster-than-light travel, but now we don’t even have shuttles, let alone spaceships, and while we haven’t returned to the moon since before I was born, China has. With most of the modern conveniences coming from research into space and space travel, this is beyond stupid, it’s dangerous. And I’m not letting it go.

I’m not letting you forget your civic duty to vote. I refuse. You voice matters, and your only voice, your only chance to make a difference is to vote. So yeah, you’re going to see a lot of political posts from me. But I care about where we, as a nation, are headed, and I’m not letting it go.

Neither should you.

On Insults and Travesties

Oh, I actually have met jhwygirl and like her, but I disagree with her thoughts and her premise on this. It’s not that she can’t have her opinion, trust me, I’d much rather have her opinion than not, she’s extremely sharp, and I read her article because it touches on a thought I’d had before.

First off, let’s back up a bit tho – Amanda is who I’m supporting. Dave is about as interesting as wet paint, and while many have heard of him, of the 35 or so that I asked about him couldn’t put that he was in politics. They’d heard of him, but not of anything he’d done. When asked about Amanda, most of them knew her, in some form, some from her music, some from production work on TV, and some from the legislature. I only met one that hadn’t heard of her, but after giving a bit, even they’d seen her videos last session. Chalk this up to being in Helena, where politics is fed to us in the water. We’re a tad weird.

As for Amanda not running, that was her being polite. Butte lost a seat and the other incumbents had seniority, and, honestly, she did as she was asked even tho she didn’t like it. That’s just being a good person, really, so she shouldn’t be faulted for that, especially now, when if she had been running, she’d have to give up the seat, and that would create problems because in the last race she ran uncontested in the general election, which triggers odd things because I’m not sure an uncontested race can be replaced? It’s something to think on.

We’ll be 79 days from the election when the Dems have decided on who is replacing Walsh, and it’s going to be tough. But as I’ve posited before, the only person who can make the media stand up and shine is Amanda.

The focus of the national press has turned towards Montana and especially this party, as we face a unique moment. In a race that has been flagged as wasted, lost, and unimportant, the amount of ink, pixels and video thrown at it the last week, on a national level, is almost unprecedented – in fact, the last time we had this was the last presidential election, and the spotlight was used by the GOP to create the monster that is Sarah Palin. It’s an amazing amount of focus, and can, obviously be used for evil. The media is hungry for a story that will make the mid-term elections interesting, and it started with Senator Walsh’s paper. They are focused on Montana right now, and we can feed that focus and keep them here if we have a candidate that is compelling, interesting, intelligent, and connected. And We have that candidate.

We have a chance to really try something new. To find a leader from our ranks who represents the values we hold, without being a beholden subject of the whims of outsiders and special interests. We have a chance to grab that spotlight and shine it on a candidate that can represent all of Montana. A candidate whose life, whose story, whose strength and whose character, are exactly the stories that the press is starving to tell, will continue to hold that focus on this race and her candidacy for the next 100 days.

We are at a precipice, and when we jump, we can jump with anyone and hope for a soft landing – that’s exactly what everyone expects. The people expect it, the press expects it, and honestly, most of us expect it. Or we can do something daring, unexpected, and completely interesting, and jump, with a chance to fly.

Let me tell you some of the highlights from the story of this candidate. She grew up in Billings, but found her heart in Butte. The daughter of a member of the Laborers union, who only had access to dental and healthcare because of the union. A graduate of Montana Tech, and currently, she’s finishing up her master’s at the University of Montana. She’s taught math in both Helena and Butte, and she’s served a term as a representative in the state house.

We have the chance to take that media focus, that amazing media frenzy, and illuminate a candidate that the camera loves, and who can answer questions about foreign policy, education, energy, land use, healthcare, social security, and just about any other topic you can think of, without missing a beat.

Of the people floated, I like them all, and know they are good people. Putting your support behind someone means making a decision, and I hope that my friends are still my friends after I’ve published this, because I do like them. Dirk has great ideas, and while I disagree with some of his positions, I don’t agree with Amanda on all of them. I know his best chance at winning is running a full campaign again, because he needs time to get his message out. His messages are compelling, and his ability to lead seems legit, but I think he needs a bit more gumption and a bit less politics to get there – but he certainly will.

Bohlinger is awesome. How can you not like the guy? He’s shown his ability to lead time and again, and his compassion and grace are beyond reproach. He served in the military, he’s own a successful business, and he’s grown as a person and politician and his growth lead him to switch parties because his understanding of the facts compelled him to. That’s a great thing. If he were to get the nom, I’d certainly work my tail off to support him, that’s for sure.

Dave isn’t really known. He’s one of those legislators that doesn’t stand out, and while seems to be right on many issues, hasn’t really lead anything. Hell, Bryce Bennett has been more vocal than Dave, and has a better story to catch the media’s attention.

The list of amazing women in the Dem ranks is astounding, but they’ve all declined already. Amanda hasn’t, and she’s amazing. I’ve known her since I moved back, and after eight years, I can’t think of anyone better for this race. She has the energy, drive, passion, compassion, grace, smarts, training and background that we really want, and frankly, she hasn’t been poisoned by our political system.

You make think it’s a gimmick to choose her, but it’s not. Amanda is ready for this race and will be an awesome senator, so don’t think for a moment that it’s not about winning now, because it very much is.

Otherwise, we’d all just be supporting a white man. Same old story. Same old song. Same lost seat.

Comcastic Indeed

6a00d8349ecec169e200e54f58e20d8833-800wiSo let me translate this memo from Comcast COO Dave Watson:

“A Message From Dave Watson,
July 21, 2014
You probably know that there has been a fair amount of media attention about a recording of a phone call between one of our Customer Account Executives (CAEs) and a Comcast customer. The call went viral on social media and generated news headlines. We have apologized to the customer privately and publicly on Comcast Voices, making it clear that we are embarrassed by the tone of the call and the lack of sensitivity to the customer’s desire to discontinue service.”

Fuck, we got caught, and we are doing damage control in every way (we control).

I’d like to give you my thoughts on the situation.

Let me continue to shovel shit.

“First, let me say that while I regret that this incident occurred, …”

Fucking hell…

“…the experience that this customer had is not representative of the good work that our employees are doing. We have tens of thousands of incredibly talented and passionate people interacting with our customers every day, who are respectful, courteous and resourceful.”

…but thankfully, most of our calls are only recorded by us.
“That said, it was painful to listen to this call, and I am not surprised that we have been criticized for it.”


This was nothing, actually. We have worse calls recorded internally.

Respecting our customers is fundamental, and we fell short in this instance.

We are dicks. Always.

I know these Retention calls are tough, and I have tremendous admiration for our Retention professionals, who make it easy for customers to choose to stay with Comcast.

We pay people to be dicks, specifically ‘not-caught-being-dicks dicks’.

We have a Retention queue because we believe in our products,…

No one understands our pricing and packaging…

and because we offer a great value when customers have the right facts to choose the package that works best for them. If a customer is not fully aware of what the product offers, we ask the Retention agent to educate the customer and work with them to find the right solution.

…and that’s on purpose. We baffle them with bullshit to get their money!

The agent on this call did a lot of what we trained him and paid him — and thousands of other Retention agents — to do. He tried to save a customer, and that’s important, but the act of saving a customer must always be handled with the utmost respect.

He fucking failed. We blame the terrorists.

This situation has caused us to reexamine how we do some things to make sure that each and every one of us — from leadership to the front line — understands the balance between selling and listening.

We’re all taking new training to listen for the click of a recording device.

And that a great sales organization always listens to the customer, first and foremost.

Legal is looking into suing the guy who recorded the call.

When the company has moments like these, we use them as an opportunity to get better, and that’s what we’re going to do.

Well, the legal department will.

We will review our training programs, we will refresh our manager on coaching for quality, and we will take a look at our incentives to ensure we are rewarding employees for the right behaviors.

We won’t get caught again!

We can, and will, do better.

We will be bigger dicks!

Thank you for your support, and many thanks to the thousands of exceptional employees all around the country who work so hard to deliver a great customer experience every day.

i.e. all you fucks who haven’t been recorded.

I am confident that together we will continue to improve the experience, one customer at a time.

Hopefully another plane will go down so we’re out of the news soon.
Dave Watson
Chief Operating Officer, Comcast Cable

What it says about us

Jonah_Hill_TIFF_2011I’m sure many of you have heard that Jonah Hill first lost his damn mind and called some paparazzi “faggots” and told them to suck his cock. Or something. I haven’t watched the video because I refuse to support the business of TMZ and others like them, hateful cunts that they are.

I’m not even a fan of Jonah’s. I’ve seen him in a few things, and he’s not bad, but not someone I seek out to watch. Although that may have changed, because of his apology. The man owned his mistake, and was open, honest, and did the right thing. That’s something that’s so rare these days, and should be applauded and copied, over and over and over again. For that, I truly thank him.

Do I forgive him? For what?

You see, what we didn’t get from the fuckchuckles at TMZ is the part where the paparazzi is terrorizing Jonah. And I don’t use that term lightly. This asshole was terrorizing a celebrity to make a few bucks, which TMZ then gladly handed to him in an attempt to tell a story that they are responsible for creating in the first place.

Terrorism: [noun]  the use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce, especially for political purposes.

That’s exactly what the paparazzi was doing, and while it wasn’t for political gain, it was for power, and that’s what politics is all about anyway.

Jonah was attacked, his friends and family with him were attacked, and like any animal backed into a corner his fight-or-flight response ramped up, and his brain was busy doing other things and he spouted out words that had been used to hurt him in an attempt to wield a weapon against his attacker. All perfectly natural things, things we all do.

And those word-weapons he grabbed? Those were the ones used to hurt him, and trust me, they hurt a lot, especially when you’re a kid. Again, nothing to see here, kids tend to be  assholes because parents think it’s not a problem that they say shitty things.

At the end of the day, Jonah regrets letting it get to him, and his apology is, as I said, applauded. Great.

But we should be apologizing to him. We’re the ones who made TMZ possible. We are public that eats this shit up. We are the creators of the terrorists known as paparazzi, and we need to stop them. And we start by apologizing to Jonah and everyone else we’ve terrorized in our quest for trivia about our idols.

Les Misérables MiniDoc

If you didn’t know, I’m playing the role of Thenardier in Grandstreet Theatre’s production of Les Misérables, which opens on April 25th. I’m stupidly excited for it, and other than I’ve been dealing with a cough that can only be described as THE PLAGUE FROM HELL, it’s been an amazing few weeks.

If you’ve never seen Les Misérables, or even if you have and you’re confused by what’s going on, you might take a bit of time out of your day and watch this mini-documentary I did on the production. It covers the story, a bit of the behind-the-scenes stuff, and it’s just good fun.

We have to start somewhere

I’m beginning to think that we’ve past impatient and have gone to full-on insane-and-wishful-thinking when it comes to progress we’ve made in the fight for full GLBT equality. There are a lot of people out there who are pissed at Jared Leto for giving an Oscar-winning performance of a trans-woman.

Just Jack!They are screaming the same angst that we heard back when Jack MacFarland was the only visible gay man who actually did gay things – like kiss boys, and swoon over Cher. And still to this day, people are pissed that this character existed at all, because he was, I admit, a horrible stereotype. And some people are saying the same about Leto’s role as Rayon in Dallas Buyers Club.

But here’s the thing: We need to be seen. All of us. And being seen is the first step in being seen as equal. Let me state that again:

Being seen is the first step in being seen as equal.

And there are other steps, but let me outline how it works for any marginalized group that the majority would  rather not think about because something about them is “icky”.

  1. We are not seen, and therefore cannot be understood. Never mind liked or equal.
  2. We are seen, but not understood, certainly not liked, and still not equal.
  3. We are seen, and liked, but still not understood, and not equal.
  4. We are seen, liked, and understood, but still not equal.
  5. We are seen, liked, understood and equal.

Right now, the L&G parts of the movement are on step 3, and getting really close to step 4. In many ways, we are on step 4, but not all ways, and there are plenty of places where we are still on Step 1. (In Uganda and Russian, we’re back to Step 0: Move so you are not murdered in the streets.)

The “B” contingent is kinda all over the map. They are somewhat ahead of the L&G in some ways, and somewhat behind in others. But they are visible.

Dallas Buyers ClubTrans folk are in a really hateful place on this progression because they are visible, but they aren’t well understood by the masses, and they aren’t portrayed well by the popular stories, and are still shunned in many, many ways. The upside is they are on the path, and that’s the only comfort, cold tho it may be, that I can offer, aside from my support. And I fully support trans people.

I do, however, want to point out that bitching about Leto not being the right choice, or that Rayon should have been played by a trans actress, misses the bigger point. Trans people are not invisible. You have to be seen to be understood. And that first step has been made.

TransamericaWe still have a lot of work to do, but focusing your anger at not being equal at our allies is a good way to lose allies and this fight. Let’s not do that. Celebrate Dallas Buyers Club for what it is – a good story, with a great cast, with some trashy, throw-away material that we’d like to evolve past. And then show us what you want to see next. There’s nothing stopping you from writing the next Oscar winning movie with a trans lead, is there?

I didn’t think so.


Intent and Cowardice, Part II

I’ve covered this before, but I guess I didn’t go far enough because another part of the discussion has come up. First, read this.

Got it? Great.

Here’s the other part of it. Today, @ActuallyPJH put out that he hates being called “pocket gay” and then asked if any other sections of our society got called names. Yes. Yes, we do. Some are nice, like “bear”, “daddy” and “gym bunny” and some are mean like “bear”, “daddy” and “gym bunny”.

Oh wait. There it is again. Intent is the difference between how those terms are used. And when you meet someone for the first time and they call you something you disagree with, you have the ability right then to say “Please don’t call me that.” If you’re not with a complete asshole, they’ll say something like “no harm meant” and not use it again. That doesn’t mean that the whole of society is changed and you won’t run into it again, but that one person will not use it with you. (Don’t be terribly surprised if they roll their eyes and come up with something worse, like “minifag”, because, especially we gays, are snarky bitches, and we do shit like that.)

If, however, you get called something you don’t like but that is in common use, and you freak out sideways and lose your shit, you’re doing no one any favors. You’re not going to change the world, you look like a massive twit who can’t be allowed out in public.

When someone says something that you find hurtful, you have an obligation to ask yourself two things:

  1. Was their intent to hurt me? If yes, kick them back down and get away from them. If no, ask yourself question number 2.
  2. Am I an adult (or enough of an adult) to say I dislike them, and hope they are adult enough to respect that? If yes, great, ask that they not use those terms with you. If not, perhaps head home for a nap and a cookie and a sulk.

I dislike being called a chub. In fact, I hate it. But the guys that I fancy are called “chubby chasers” and, guess what, by extension, I’m being called a chub. I dislike it. I also have better things to deal with in my day then to worry about how someone else thinks of me. At the end of the day, I’m better off by far. You probably are, too.

We Are All Ukrainian

Somehow this just keeps getting worse, and the idea that it will get better seems far off and far-fetched. But there is hope. We make a difference by standing up and doing the right thing.

Watch this, and then call your representatives and senators, because it’s the right thing, and the least, you can do.

Your passwords suck

Ok, so this is going to be brief: YOUR PASSWORDS SUCK.

To be quite honest, MY PASSWORDS SUCK, TOO.

That’s why, a few years back, I stopped using my passwords. I didn’t stop using passwords, as it’s not like I’ve got some super-secret tool on my computer that recognizes me, enters secure credentials to all sites and tools that I use, and also makes me coffee and snacks. No, sadly, that day hasn’t yet arrived.

I started using 1Password from Agilebits. I cannot recommend this application enough. Saves my ass all the time, and I want everyone, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU, to be using it.

The only problem is that it’s got a learning curve, but it’s not that bad of one, and you should take the time to learn to use it, and if you have problems, call me. I’ll gladly walk you through it because I’m tired of waking up to notes from friends with “I’ve used 85% of my 1TB data cap this month.”


  1. Who gets a fucking terabyte data cap?!? That’s massive!
  2. You used almost a terabyte in less than a month? WOW!
  3. Oh, wait, YOU WERE HACKED.

Yeah, change your passwords to better passwords from 1Password. Now.

Stand Up And Fight With Me

First, read this: Bow Down Macklemore

Ok, let’s take this apart, because this ignorant rant misses the point and instead shoots our movement in the foot. Way to go with that one, Ms. Fox.

Paragraph 1: I agree. It’s tragic that a white rapper has gotten awards that so many black rappers haven’t gotten, and I especially think this because so many black rappers have much better music (which is ostensively what the Grammy’s are about, right?). I’m not a huge fan of Macklemore, but I think he’s doing the right thing – using his voice, which is very big, to help a minority (disclosure, I’m part of that minority). That’s a good thing. But I can’t disagree that his winning when others, better than him, haven’t, is problematic, but that’s for the Grammy’s to fix.

Perpetuates the racist myth of black homophobia” Are you fucking kidding me? It points out that the genre tends to be homophobic, but that isn’t a myth, and doesn’t really say anything about race, other than you’re looking at a white guy saying it. If a white points out homophobia in a black the white guy is racist? No, he’s just observing and speaking about a fact. Get it together.

I don’t want feel-good, watered-down raps promoting the passive acceptance of gay people.” I do. I want acceptance on every level so we can stop having to fight for the right to merely exist. Are you crazy? Why give this up? You need to understand that we need every bit of help we can get, and this is fucking helping!

I want songs about owning my power.” Great. So you went to a cisgendered straight black woman to get it. Dandy. I believe “She Keeps Me Warm” was written by a lesbian, but maybe that song isn’t enough for you? Or maybe it’s because Mary Lambert isn’t a big enough voice for you to feel like you matter?

Paragraph 2:Macklemore raps about homophobic oppression, an oppression he has never experienced. He caricatures hip hop as homophobic, when there are queer hip hop artists making better music that speaks to their own oppression.

Well, yes he raps about something he’s seen in action, and while it doesn’t directly affect him, using his voice to bring it up and call it out isn’t a bad thing. In fact, it’s a damned good thing. And yes, he’s straight. We call them “allies” in case you were wondering what to call him.

As for him caricaturing anything, where the hell have you been? Have you listened to rap music? Do a search on “rap lyrics faggot” and you’ll get 1.8 MILLION records for it. That’s not a caricature, that’s a fact. And one of the other cisgendered, straight, white, male, rappers you might’ve heard of is Eminem, who has used the word in his songs. So yeah, nothing really new here other than your blinders to reality.

There are queer hip hop artists doing great work. They don’t have Macklemore’s reach at all, nor do they have the straight audience that needs to actually hear the words that he’s saying. We LGBTQII(every-other-letter-of-the-alphabet) people get it. We’re fighting for our rights and, dammit, we need big voices to help. Macklemore is one of those, so stop shitting on him because he didn’t get everything exactly the way you want. You don’t get to speak for all of us either.

Macklemore’s lyrics imply that ‘gay is the new black!’ by conflating civil rights and gay rights throughout the song.

Gay Rights are Civil Rights!!

I don’t need straight boys to validate my existence. I woke up like this…FLAWLESS.

He’s not validating your existence for you, he’s stating, to the people who think you are less, that they are wrong and you are as equal as they are. Don’t confuse yourself that his message was for you. It’s not, it’s for the straights who don’t yet get it. Duh.

“If I was gay, I would think hip hop hates me.” Macklemore denounces hip hop as categorically homophobic.” Again, refer to Eminem. And while it’s a gross generalization, it’s not a woman telling others “bow down bitches, bow bow down bitches.” Which, you know, it’s totally uplifting to be called a bitch at the top of a song, and told to bow before another. Very “equality”, that.

I love this next bit. “Not to mention the benevolent homophobia inherent in the assertion that queer people only deserve rights because we’re ‘just like’ straight people, rather than by virtue of our humanity.” That’s not ‘benevolent homophobia’ that’s the fucking message we’ve been saying for the entirety of this fight – we deserve to be treated fairly because we are humans, too, just like you. How angry are you that you can’t see the basics of who and what we are and what we’re doing?

““It’s the same fight that led people to walk outs and sit ins.” Macklemore conflates the civil rights and mainstream LGBT rights movement, which ignores queer people of color at the intersections of both identities, harms both movements by insinuating that black and gay are separate categories for comparison rather than people whose liberations are interdependent, and overlooks the unique historical struggles of people of color. He goes on to rap, “It’s human rights for everybody, there is no difference.” There are differences between racial and sexual oppression, conflating the two is ignorant and historically specious at best, white supremacist at worst.

Yep. Macklemore is apartheid in a slick haircut. That’s it.

The civil rights movement and the LGBT movement are parts of the same movement – it’s called “equality“. And while, yes, there are different battlefields and different goals achieved each year, and different set-backs and different ideas on how to get there, the end result is that we should all be equal. Same fight. Different reasons. You should get that, and why you don’t is something for you to consider. Deeply.

How you hear his lyrics says so much more about you than it does about him. I guess you don’t want the help, but please, shut up about it until we win. Then you can bitch all you want about how they didn’t do enough, or everything they did was wrong. Right now, you’re part of the problem, and you need to look deep in yourself and find out why, when someone is helping you by calling out his own flock, you feel the need to feel attacked and demeaned. He isn’t, and never was, talking to you. Get a grip.

“How is gay marriage going to help with the most pressing issues facing our community?” It’s one thing. And it’s an achievable goal that gives us standing to point out that we’re equal in the eyes of the law – which then gives us standing to attack and win on all those other issues that you mention. You may not like that the fight has gotten us to this goal faster than others, and I can’t say if you’re wrong or right, but as we’re so close to winning this, why not knock it out of the park and use that very real power to tackle the next inequality that we face? Oh, you didn’t think of that, did you. It appears you didn’t think of much.

On Macklemore being an ally, you wrote “It’s incredibly frustrating to suddenly see people care about homophobia, something queer people have been talking about FOREVER just because a straight man rapped about it.” Yes, it’s very hard to realize that we are still so powerless that we must reach the mainstream through others. That’s reality, tho, and your slap at him, your biting critique and inflamed attack on him isn’t helping the people you think he’s silenced. In fact, other than mentioning Mary Lambert, you haven’t brought up any counterpoints to him, and that says even more about your thinking than your writing does. You don’t have the queer artists to extoll and promote either. Hell, you didn’t even mention Frank Ocean, probably the highest profile out rapper, or his album “Channel Orange”, and I’m wondering why? Oh wait. Maybe he didn’t really rap about equality or change or making the world a better place for LBGTQII people. I don’t know, because I haven’t heard his album. It wasn’t big enough, mainstream enough, to reach me as I’m not a general fan of hip hop. So effectively, his voice is silence (kudos to you for pointing that out, tho.) and you prefer silence because everyone else is fucking wrong.

‘But I have a queer/queer person of color friend who loves ‘Same Love!’ Knowing a queer/QPOC person who loves ‘Same Love’ does not render these critiques invalid, in the same way that having a black friend doesn’t mean that you’re not racist. People have conflicting views because marginalized groups are not homogenous, monolithic entities. That doesn’t mean you can ignore or talk over the queer people, people of color, and queer people of color who are critiquing Macklemore; it means you shut up and listen to become a stronger ally.”

You think the stronger allies are the silent ones? Are you trolling? Seriously, ARE YOU TROLLING?!? Because you know what? “Silence = Death” wasn’t just a bumper sticker to make you feel better about opening your mouth, it’s the simple truth. If you don’t stand up AND SAY SOMETHING when you see oppression, you are siding with the oppressor. How ignorant, dangerous, and hateful are you that you want our allies, who yes, are imperfect, don’t always do the best thing, and something get it wrong because they are human, to be silent.

You know who isn’t going to be silent? The fuckwits who think we are going to hell. The assholes who want to enshrine bigotry towards us in the US Constitution. They sure as fuck aren’t going to shut up. I hope and pray that our allies won’t shut up either.

You don’t need anyone to fucking bow down, either. You need to stand tall, with the rest of us, and fight for the future. And yes, that means calling out allies when they fuck up. It also means thanking them when they do good.

You need to learn the difference.

And in case you didn’t get it, here it is again, in a video for you: