I Call Bullshit

Ok, so hat tip to the Helena Vigilante for this, but I’m about to lose my fucking mind.

The NSA claims it can’t search it’s own emails.

The level of incomprehensible bullshit in this is astounding. The NSA says it doesn’t have the ability to do an internal search. For just a moment, let’s accept that at face-value and go with it.

There must be another way, right? There is. Let’s follow the facts.

  1. The FOIA request was on emails between the NSA and the National Geographic Channel, which is decidedly not part of the government.
  2. The NSA has access to every email that passes thru the internet via it’s highly illegal PRISM program, therefore
  3. All the emails of the National Geographic Channel are accessible via the PRISM program, INCLUDING THOSE FROM OR TO THE NSA.


But why should we accept the bullshit at face-value? I mean, we know they have email, and they want to be able to track their own internal usage of any programs on their network, including email, otherwise they won’t have ANY EVIDENCE TO CHARGE SNOWDEN WITH ESPIONAGE.


They need to be defunded, and everyone, and I mean everyone, involved with setting up PRISM, from authorization to use, needs to be taken back to a high school and forced to take US History and Social Studies again.

From a nun.

With a sharp-edged ruler.

And a magically-refilled bag of lemons she’ll squeeze over the wounds.

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