I’m not letting it go.

Our government is by us, for us, and we willingly pass it off as ‘just another annoyance’. To be forgotten. To just fucking let it go. Well, I’m not letting it go. I’m not letting the naysayers and evildoers of the world continue to abuse and destroy our country. I’m not going to let the […]

On Insults and Travesties

Oh, I actually have met jhwygirl and like her, but I disagree with her thoughts and her premise on this. It’s not that she can’t have her opinion, trust me, I’d much rather have her opinion than not, she’s extremely sharp, and I read her article because it touches on a thought I’d had before. First […]

Comcastic Indeed

So let me translate this memo from Comcast COO Dave Watson: “A Message From Dave Watson, July 21, 2014 You probably know that there has been a fair amount of media attention about a recording of a phone call between one of our Customer Account Executives (CAEs) and a Comcast customer. The call went viral […]

What it says about us

I’m sure many of you have heard that Jonah Hill first lost his damn mind and called some paparazzi “faggots” and told them to suck his cock. Or something. I haven’t watched the video because I refuse to support the business of TMZ and others like them, hateful cunts that they are. I’m not even […]

Les Misérables MiniDoc

If you didn’t know, I’m playing the role of Thenardier in Grandstreet Theatre’s production of Les Misérables, which opens on April 25th. I’m stupidly excited for it, and other than I’ve been dealing with a cough that can only be described as THE PLAGUE FROM HELL, it’s been an amazing few weeks. If you’ve never […]

We have to start somewhere

I’m beginning to think that we’ve past impatient and have gone to full-on insane-and-wishful-thinking when it comes to progress we’ve made in the fight for full GLBT equality. There are a lot of people out there who are pissed at Jared Leto for giving an Oscar-winning performance of a trans-woman. They are screaming the same […]

Intent and Cowardice, Part II

I’ve covered this before, but I guess I didn’t go far enough because another part of the discussion has come up. First, read this. Got it? Great. The term "Pocket Gay" is so demeaning and offensive to me. A short man's defining quality is his ability to fit into YOUR pocket? How mean. — phil […]

We Are All Ukrainian

Somehow this just keeps getting worse, and the idea that it will get better seems far off and far-fetched. But there is hope. We make a difference by standing up and doing the right thing. Watch this, and then call your representatives and senators, because it’s the right thing, and the least, you can do.

Your passwords suck

Ok, so this is going to be brief: YOUR PASSWORDS SUCK. To be quite honest, MY PASSWORDS SUCK, TOO. That’s why, a few years back, I stopped using my passwords. I didn’t stop using passwords, as it’s not like I’ve got some super-secret tool on my computer that recognizes me, enters secure credentials to all […]

Hail Caesar

You know, I grew up watching and listening to comedy, and one of the greats left us today. RIP Sid Caesar, you truly were the king!

Skiing Advances

So many people think that the advances in winter sports are with the new ones, so it’s nice to see that some of the older sports are being advanced, too. I really need to get back on my skis, too!

No More Candy

For all my friends that are playing Candy Crush, please take a second and see exactly what sort of horrible assholes you’re supporting by playing that stupid fucking game. Then delete it and get CandySwipe and move on with your life.