Long week

I’ve been trying to keep up the posting, trying to make the blog more interesting and less of a waste of digital space and everyone’s time. I’m apparently unable to do this because it’s become social acceptable for morons to make comments that are beyond mean and stupid, and actually require me, the kind, loving, […]

Today is a brand new day

Well, yesterday has finally seemed to be coming to an end, and while I’m a bit freaked out over a mess I’ve created for work, I’m going to get over that. More important matters have arrived, not the least of which is myself finally getting to Helena from Houston via Salt Lake City, home of […]


Ok, so I get up this morning and get to work and for once, don’t read the news and don’t open iChat and don’t spend any time doing anything but calling people and setting up appointments for RED and really thinking that I want to get laid and should be spending more time on

Yes, Viriginia, the Poodle was once Wild, but still a Poodle!

Oh for the love of pete! In aNYTimes (free registration required) article on Savannah, a mixed breed cat, we find that politicians are losing their minds already. Here’s the quote: That’s not the way State Senator Carl L. Marcellino of Syosset, N.Y., sees it. Mr. Marcellino, the Senate sponsor of the state’s exotic pet law, […]


Ok, so I didn’t write about this at the time, because I didn’t think it was really my issue. But now that it’s happening yet again, I’m less than pleased, and it’s my issue this time. Back story: In late 2003 my friend Laurie, who is the best friend a gay man living in Caribou […]

The Pope can Bite me!

Top News Article | Reuters.com Let’s be real, the Pope is an old dude in a white silk gown wearing enough jewels to make Liberace wince, so he has absolutely no right to tell me that who I am and my fight for equal rights is somehow part of the evil of the world. Let’s […]

Why I Left College

“It’s not like…” tends to be the way I begin my writing. That and “It’s almost as if…” which I think is a sign that I’m losing my mind and the creativity that has been core to who I am. I’m not one of those people who blindly accepts facts because someone in authority says […]

The Aviator

It’s late as most people reckon things, but I have to post this. I just saw The Aviator. Amazing. Absolutely amazing. I’m a pretty big fan of aviation anyway, and I know a lot of it’s history, but Howard Hughes was so critical to how we see aviation today, it cannot be overstated. Yes, the […]

Fear and Loathing in the Air Force

Now let’s be quite clear on why I’m upset about this concept. Actually, there are many reasons to be upset, not the least of which is that this ludicrous idea cost lots of taxpayers money in time and paper and ink and other stuff for it – and it’s part of the reason the military […]

Presidential Intention

Now that President Bush has gained public acceptance at a level that he didn’t have before, we are faced with four more years of his, ahem, leadership. I can’t pretend to like or respect the man, and frankly, I find his inability to prove his thinking to be unnerving. I can honestly say I’m only […]